COVID 19 Precautions

                                                                                     City Dance Theatre Salem, OR
                                                                                   Guidelines for reopening our studio.
We encourage our families to assess their own comfort levels and risk factors before making the decision to return to the studio. Our community's health and safety are our number one priority and we urge you to take whatever personal precautions you need to, including staying home.
Here is a breakdown of what returning to the dance studio will look like, below are City Dance Theatre’s safety and sanitation protocols in compliance with the CDC recommendations and all official state and county orders:

What we are doing before our dancers get to the studio (general measures to reduce exposure):
*CDT will restrict the number of students allowed in the dance studio at one time.
*Taped boxes will be placed to ensure appropriate spacing according to social distancing guidelines (min 6ft.).Each studio has a 40x40 dance floor.
*Sanitizing spray and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studio. *Bathrooms will be stocked with hand soap for washing hands.
*Class formats have been adjusted so there is no shared equipment.
*Extra time will be provided between our classes to allow for thorough sanitation of all equipment and surfaces.
*Staff will disinfect all common surfaces (e.g. door knobs, counter surfaces) before and after every class; when classes are not in session, they will perform deep disinfection of common surfaces.
*Roll up garage doors will be open during all classes.
*All dancers will be verbally screened by CDT staff members for the following symptoms prior to entering the premises: headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste or smell, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain.
*A touchless thermometer will be used to screen for a fever on everyone entering the building .
*All staff must comply with social distancing and hand-washing protocols and will refrain from entering the building if they are experiencing any of the pre-screen symptoms listed above.
*CDT protocols and appropriate signage will be posted at entrances and throughout the studio.

What it looks like for when our dancers attend class at the studio
*All dancers will be verbally screened by CDT staff members for symptoms prior to entering the premises.
*We also request dancers limit the amount of personal items brought into the dance studio and store all jackets/layers prior to starting class. This is to avoid bringing further outside contaminants into the studio.
*Use of water filling station will be prohibited. Dancers are allowed to bring multiple water bottles, but will not be allowed to fill them from water sources within the studio.
*Dancers must wash hands after blowing their nose, sneezing, coughing or using restrooms.
*Dancers are expected to adhere to instructions provided with respect to social distancing.
*No parents allowed to come into the lobby or anywhere in the studio.Bathrooms are for dancers and staff only.
*Studio A and Studio B will use separate entrances. Studio A will enter through the side door. Studio B will enter through the front door
*Studio A dancers will use the Studio A bathroom Studio B dancers will use the lobby bathroom.
*There will be no “hang out” room for any of our dancers. Dancers must exit the studio and enter through each studios doors, if taking class in the other studio.
*Our office staff will be stationed outside under a canopy. All check ins will take place outside.
*Dancers must be registered for class - no drop ins.