It has now become a holiday tradition for us to perform The Snowman’s Dance and I don’t think the holiday season would be the same without it! We have some new characters and some new costumes which I am excited to share with you all. 

I have enclosed a lot of information, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Date of show: Saturday December 2nd  2017 - Noon & 3:00PM  

Location: McNary High School- Fine Arts Auditorium

Mandatory onstage rehearsal :Thursday Nov 30 (see schedule) & Friday December 1st- 5:00PM at McNary High School.

This is not a dress rehearsal. Please wear regular dance class clothes and dance shoes.This rehearsal can last up to 2 hours, please make sure your dancer has had a snack prior to rehearsal. Food is not permitted in the auditorium.

Ticket sale day: Friday November 17th at CDT 5:00PM Tickets are $10.00 each CASH only and Non-refundable. Numbers will go in the parking lot at 9am, sales will start at 5:00PM. 

You must be back by the time stated on your number.


The enclosed information states your child’s role they will be dancing and costume rental fee - we strive to keep our recitals affordable so everyone may participate. A list of additional items that you will need to provide will be provided soon.

As this performance is a story, most dancers have one dance, unlike our Spring recital where every class has two dances. There is also a place to sign up to volunteer,(info attached). We can not make our recitals happen without our wonderful parent volunteers. I thank you in advance for volunteering your time!

Please return costume fee by October 19th. Fees are cash only and non-refundable. 

You will be emailed a DROPBOX link with your music attached once packets are returned. 

We will be performing two shows at Noon & 3:00PM. All dancers will dance in both shows. The show is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. Due to the short amount of time between performances and the complexity of hair and make-up on the majority of our dancers I am respectfully requesting that dancers DO NOT leave McNary in between shows. Parents, you will need to collect your dancer after the first show from the dressing room, the backstage Moms are not responsible for your child once the show is over. Please pack a lunch, have someone bring your dancer food or order a lunch from our Booster club that will be delivered to McNary.

Everyone will need to be at McNary at 10:30am    

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me - or via the office 503-391-4952. Please check for updates.



Family members and friends are not permitted backstage or in the dressing rooms during recital and after the show. There is a lot of activity in a limited amount of space and dressing rooms are a private area. One backstage pass per dancer will be given at security as you arrive for each show. This allows one person to escort your child to the dressing room, make sure they are settled and sign them in with the backstage moms. The same person will need to sign them out from the dressing room at the end of each show. Please do not lose your pass. You will need it to go backstage at the end of each show. All parents are welcome to volunteer, please mark your volunteer choice on your recital envelope. Please do not bring guests or other children with you while you are volunteering. Name badges must be worn at all times.

Class Mom - (Dads needed for Boy’s Dressing Room)

Ensure that children are safe and accounted for when not on stage. Assist in dressing in the correct costume. Clean up dressing room after each show. Final show stack chairs, pack costumes. Please check in at 10:15am for Noon show and 1:45PM for 3:00PM show.

Runner-( Moms and Dads welcome)

Escort children to and from the stage. Please check in at the side of the stage at 11:30PM for Noon show and 2:30PM for 3:00PM show.

Security-( Moms and Dads welcome)

Ensure that only authorized personnel, volunteers and one parent per dancer go backstage. You will stay in the security area throughout the whole show. Arrival time 10:00am for Noon show and 1:30PM for 3:00PM show.

Front of House ( Moms and Dads welcome)

Hand out programs and assist the audience in finding seats and encouraging them to sit down so we can start the show on time. Arrival time is 11:15am for Noon show and 2:15PM for 3:00PM show.

Strike ( Moms and Dads welcome)

Strike volunteers will help load up costumes,load up truck and general clean up of dressing rooms and auditorium. This normally takes 1 hour after the final show.

The Snowman's Dance 2017

Dance Theatre