Ballet is the basic foundation of all dance forms. It teaches proper placement,carriage,grace & poise. Barre exercises develop strength and flexibility while center work allows students to practice classic dance principles. Ballet is a beautiful and athletic dance form.

Pointe requires a solid foundation of advanced ballet technique. The Director determines when a student is technically and physically capable of beginning pointe work.

Modern dance is usually a lyrical and poetic way of moving,which evolved as dancers found the need to break away from the rigidity of Classical Ballet and express themselves using a more free style. Modern Dance is characterized by its bending of the spine into spirals and contractions as well as the use of off center movement such as tilts and layouts. It lends itself to various types of music and is traditionally danced barefoot.

Jazz is an American dance form which evolves and changes. Students work on placement and technique while learning modern and contemporary jazz styles. The class consists of warm-ups, floor progressions and combinations.

Tap focuses on musical phrasing,the complexity of rhythms and on the challenge of making melodies with the feet.

Lyrical Jazz
Lyrical Jazz maintains the percussive rhythmic characteristics that define Jazz, but it incorporates elements of Ballet & Modern dance to give it a smooth, lengthened look and lyrical quality.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a high energy class that builds stamina and introduces moves similar to those seen in music videos. Class incorporates a warm up designed to provide strength, flexibility and conditioning, preparing students for this energetic and constantly evolving dance style.

Hippety Hoppity
An introduction to Hip Hop for our littlest dancers age 3-6